Here with my 28 years of methodology and professional experience, today I introduce you essence of PINQ Herbology and PINQ beauty.

Every last minute dedicated to global beauty cosmetics was only a natural quest for someone like myself, who has a particularly sensitive skin and scalp. Those endeavors over the past will now reverse the time itself, and bring magic to all our customers 

Jessica Lee

Speciality _ 1

PINQ Herbology

*Paraben Free, *Sulfate Free

PINQ is a premium functional naturalistic cosmetics based on herbal medicine that pursues “natural” beauty. All products are free of chemical components and aim to produce as mild and safe products as possible. With respect to nature, we carefully select and use only the finest ingredients grown and collected in an eco-friendly way in Korea. By combining modern science with the tradition and wisdom of herbal medicine that has been passed down for hundreds of years, it is the most effective product of the core active ingredients of Korean unique medicinal plants.

Speciality _ 2

PINQ Technology

Minimizing destruction of active ingredients and maximizing activity of anti-oxidants.

The manufacturing process of PINQ products is special. By minimizing destruction of active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes by extracting the healing components of carefully selected core herbs and plant ingredients by methods such as low-temperature aging, polymer cell compression technology (veggie live), and cold decoction that meets traditional decoction and low-temperature extraction method, it is formulated to maximize the efficacy of the active herbal ingredients of antioxidants with paraben-free and sulfate-free

Speciality _ 3

PINQ Microbiome

Create a healthy skin ecosystem by supplying balanced microbial bacteria

In nutrition and diet, the health benefits of a balanced gut microbiome have been long known, but when it comes to skin and scalp care, bacteria have been perceived as something that must be removed. Just as the gut is home to millions of microbes (including bacteria, fungi and viruses) the skin too has its own unique ecosystem of microbes, which make up the skin microbiota – a community of bacteria which coexist to act as skin’s immunity system. Today it is widely recognized in the scientific field, that the preservation of this diverse balance of bacteria is keystone for maintaining healthy skin and scalp. Anti-microbial soaps and cleansers as well as beauty care products formulated with toxins all disturb the skin’s microbiome, making your skin vulnerable. Signs of unbalanced microbiome include, acne, sensitivity, redness, dehydration and eventually premature aging. Especially our scalp and skin enduring this long Pandemic era are exposed to these stress without any countermeasures. PINQ products are specially formulated with PINQ Herbology™, a bioactive complex with Korean medicinal plants to restore and preserve skin’s microbiome.

Our top5 Priority

"PINQ always pursues naturalness"

Five " For"

1. Premium Ingredients

2. Novel Quality

3. PINQ Herbology™ for Microbiome

4. Safe for very Sensitive Skin 

5. Korea Origin Herb & Plants

Five "No"

 1. No Sulfate 

 2. No Paraben 

 3. No Silicone 

 4. No Petroleum Ingredients

 5. No GMO